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Less/No Oil Recipes

Thai yellow curry

Indo-Thai Veg Yellow Curry

Thai Yellow curry is one of the staple food of Thai people and probably there are hundreds of recipes to make this mildly spiced, highly aromatic curry. The Thai yellow curry, also known as Gaeng leuang in local language, varies from rest of  Thai curries, namely, Red Thai curry, Green Thai curry, Masamam Curry etc, […]
Sweet and sour salad wraps

Sweet and Sour Salad wraps

This refreshing salad is easy to make and the sweet and sour flavors blend so well. Wrapping the salad in a lettuce leaf or salad leaf, gives it an exotic look.The crunch of lettuce, followed by the sweet and sour flavors of honey, melon, dried fruits and raw mango, lemon juice, respectively. Pomegranate seeds and […]

Aloo Matar Sabji |Peas Potato masala|Microwave Recipe

Ingredients: Potato – 4 to 6 medium Onion – 1 big, finely chopped Fresh or frozen peas – 1/2 cup Tomato – 1 big, grated Curry leaves – few Coconut milk – 1/4 cup(I used ready coconut powder and added it in warm water) Salt to taste Red chilly powder – 1 tsp Turmeric powder […]